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Guest Information

Welcome to Springdale

To ensure an enjoyable experience please observe the following club traditions and policies.

Cell Phone Policy

Please be respectful of the people around you. If you must make or receive a call, please step out to the parking lot or the locker room for your privacy and the courtesy of other members. Cellular phone use on the golf course is strictly prohibited.

Parking Lot Etiquette

Shoes may not be changed in the parking lot or in your car. Please come to the men’s or women’s locker room where our attendants will be happy to assign a locker to you.

Dress Code

The following attire is unacceptable on the course, practice areas, and in the clubhouse:

  • Short shorts, athletic shorts, cut-offs, tank tops, undershirts, T-shirts, and cargo pants/shorts
  • Tight-fitting leggings (such as Spandex and yoga pants) must be worn with some sort of cover garment (skirt, shorts, skorts, pants, etc...)
  • “Dress” denim clothing may be worn in the clubhouse (including the porch), but not on the course or any of the practice areas
  • Shirts worn by men must have collars and sleeves and be tucked in.
  • All hats must be worn bill forward and may not be worn in the clubhouse.
  • Individuals dressed in unacceptable attire will be asked to change or leave the premises.


    Springdale is a traditional walking course. We are happy to provide caddies (upon request) and push carts. Electric riding carts are also available for player use.

    Pace of Play

    Springdale members pride themselves on fast play. It is expected that members and their guests will complete eighteen holes in four hours or less.